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Here you’ll find a wealth of spiritual wisdom and personal insights from Jack Armstrong, author of Lessons from the Source. Feel free to browse our storefront and check out the items below!


Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey
The book that started it all and has touched the lives of thousands of readers around the world! Available in print, audio and e-book formats.


Affirmations of the Soul, Volume One
In Jack Armstrong’s newest book, he shares 31 powerful and positive affirmations that remind us of spiritual truths we already know, help us release our attachment to negative thoughts or emotions, and clear the pathway to a more joyous, fulfilling and abundant life. Available in print and e-book formats.


You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra: Lessons on Letting Go, Trusting and Allowing
The previously unpublished spiritual teachings Jack has included in this thought-provoking book make it clear that the struggles we experience in life are unnecessary, and that by simply letting go and trusting, we can allow our good to unfold effortlessly in our lives. Available in print and e-book formats.


From the Source: An Introduction to Channeling
Jack’s candid and personal story of his decades of experience with the form of channeling known as Inner Dictation. Packed with helpful perspectives and practical suggestions. Available in print and e-book formats.


More Lessons from the Source: Practical Wisdom for Enjoying Life’s Journey
Originally published in 2010 as a companion piece to Lessons from the Source. Includes six profound spiritual messages from Source that were not part of the original book. Available in e-book format only.


Other Products and Services
Much more coming soon! Jack has been transcribing spiritual teachings for more than 35 years and will be sharing many more of them in a variety of formats. We hope you’ll check back here often.

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The light of the spirit in you, when you let it shine to others, can be the spark that ignites the same light within them. It is not merely a cliché that one person can make a difference. Your efforts to let your own light shine can directly affect the lives of others, and that upward spiral can work what might be referred to as miracles.

— Lessons from the Source