Reviews: Comments from Readers about Lessons from the Source

The response to Lessons from the Source has been gratifying and overwhelmingly positive.  The book’s easy-to-understand presentation of universal spiritual truths seems to evoke a very personal response from readers across a broad spectrum of ages, life experiences and spiritual belief systems.

Jack Armstrong’s book, Lessons From the Source, is the highest caliber of “inspired” spiritual writing I have ever read. Its message is powerful, and the teachings give readers the practical “spiritual sky hooks” to navigate through the journey of life. This is the perfect night-stand book. If you’re facing an issue, large or small, you can open the book at any page and the “lesson” for the moment pops out and speaks to you ― giving you the guidance you need at that particular moment in time.
Caroline Sutherland
Bellingham, WA
Medical intuitive
Hay House author of The Body Knows

Jack Armstrong is one of those rare individuals gifted with the ability, tenacity and insight to truly translate the infinite into the finite, making it easy for every one of us to go the distance. Lessons from the Source is exactly what the name describes. This book will change your life!
Mary Morrissey
Los Angeles, CA

Teacher, speaker, author
Beyond the Secret

Lessons from the Source offers everyone a rich tapestry of wisdom that can shift your entire perspective on life, the Universe, and your very existence within it.  Dr. Wayne Dyer once said that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  This book offers you that promise.  Its teachings offer so much depth that it warrants continous study.  At a time when many people are searching for greater meaning in life, Lessons from the Source offers you the opportunity of a stronger connection to the powerful intelligence that is inherent within us all.  I would highly recommend Jack’s book to anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of universal truths, the essence of our nature, and our relationship with the creative source of all that is.  Along with Conversations with God, it is a must read for everyone.
Christian Simpson
Hagley, United Kingdom

Teacher, author, executive coach
Beyond the Secret

I highly recommend this book! It is jam packed with simple and practical “life lessons” that you can start applying in your own daily life…now.  It reminds me of the teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks crossed with Louise L. Hay and Wayne Dyer… with a heap load of A Course in Miracles. These easy-to-follow lessons will help guide and inspire YOU to live a life of Passion and Purpose!
Marcia Kearl Johnson
Calgary, AB, Canada

This book is like a plain-spoken, warm-hearted friend right by your side, ready to offer solace and reassurance no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Plus, the writing is so clear and immediately accessible. I recommend this book to everyone, whether you’ve read many spiritual books or none at all. In fact, this would be a terrific little book to hand out as an uplifting gift. Lessons is truly a guidebook of the best kind – each chapter reminded me that we are here to enjoy life and instantly brought me gratitude and joy.
Emily Ferguson
Portland, OR

The messages in Lessons from the Source are gentle, and filled with love and unconditional goodness. No rules. No commandments: just reminders of who we really are.  The concepts are profound and deep, yet easy to read and very approachable.  Reading Lessons from the Source makes you feel like you are in a private, one-on-one coaching session with God.  It is, in summary, an incredible book that is a “must read.”  Buy it.  Read it.  Enjoy its goodness.
Arlene Taveroff
Montreal, QC, Canada

Like many, I have read spirituality-related material written by authors such as Gregg Braden, Judith Orloff, Ken Wilber, Doreen Virtue, Byron Katie, and Sonia Choquette. All outstanding authors, indeed. But after reading Lessons from the Source, I noticed that a subtle shift had taken place within me. I was able to distinguish and internalize the lessons in a way that was effortless.
Lilly Calandrello
Chicago, IL

I have read self-help and spiritual books over a long life (Pema Chodron is a favorite) and Lessons from the Source has become my new daily reading. For the most part it fits seamlessly into my Buddhist faith. It’s like visiting with an extraordinarily wise but non-dogmatic friend. This short book offers profound lessons on every page. It’s a book to be kept nearby, to dip into for help, refreshment, and inspiration on a daily basis.
Mary Worthington
Venice, CA

I’m not inclined to read books that fall into the genres of inspirational or spiritual “self-help,” but I found Lessons from the Source to be a major exception.  This is an important and fascinating work, not just for what’s in it but for the larger questions it raises about how communication can flow between some unknown source and a few people whose minds can, quite spontaneously, “tune in” to it.  The lessons that the author received play out with the kind of poetic (and logical) clarity that eludes almost all of us in our daily pursuits.  To me, the book resonates with much of what’s in the Tao Te Ching – about mindfulness, “letting go,” trusting and celebrating the self, and much more.  The “writing” (which feels like the wrong word for this book) is exquisite in its beauty and honesty, and compelling in its ability to guide us along our journey through life with our eyes wide open and minds at peace.  This is a remarkable and beautiful work: provocative, non-dogmatic, and universal in its appeal.
Ned White
Atlanta, GA

Lessons from the Source is a treasure which has enormous power to help others enhance their lives. I just finished the book and am blown away. Lessons sprang good things loose for me–through its powerful mix of spiritual “teachings” about what’s most important, along with real life analogies that make them more understandable, and even “exercises for muscle building” in these areas of the spirit. While I’ve long held some of the beliefs discussed, Lessons gave me a very helpful foundation and a much more organized and disciplined way to march forward.
Wendy Lazarus
Santa Monica, CA

Reading Lessons from the Source is like hearing God’s voice in your own garden.  The soft strength that unfolds within the pages calms and reassures your Soul.
Diana Connell
Unicorn Healers, Phoenix

I’ve been practicing a form of focusing meditation for years. And over the years, while I hadn’t delved into any substantial literary study, the meditation brought a serene sense of spirituality to my life.  Six months ago I read Lessons from the Source and an amazing thing happened. I felt as though I had found the teachings to match my experience. I kept thinking to myself “wow, so this is what the Universe has been trying to say to me.” Lessons is a simple and beautiful spiritual handbook that supplements and enhances my meditation practice, and guides me along the spiritual path.  I would recommend it to anyone on a spiritual journey, regardless of religious or spiritual background.
Keith Weisman
New York, NY

When I first saw Lessons from the Source, I was deeply impressed by the authenticity and ability of the writings to speak directly to my heart and soul.  As a writing coach and author of over 30 successful books, I have had dozens of so-called “channeled” manuscripts cross my desk in recent years, but this is only the second one that not only has struck me as the real thing, but has touched me personally.
Hal Zina Bennett
Northern California

No matter how many times I’ve read spiritually inspiring works, my mind seems to return to a blank almost every morning.  I must start building, yet again, my intention to aim my life in a skillful trajectory.  Lessons from the Source is an excellent way for me to start the reconstruction process each day, as well as a place I can turn for continual inspiration throughout the day.  It reminds me of the essentials of spiritual practice, and I love receiving the guidance in the kind and loving voice that has manifested Itself through Jack.  It is such a blessing to have had the Universe introduce me to this wonderful work, so filled with compassion and gentle wisdom.
David Michael Smith
West Linn, OR

Lessons from the Source is a neat little “guidebook” of short passages and essays that gracefully encapsulate spiritual teachings thousands of years old. If you’re familiar with New Thought, Unity, or Religious Science churches, you’ll soak up the material like a sponge. It’s a fresh new take on the ancient principles. But if you come from a more traditional background, you’ll really like the conversational tone of the book. It is very clear and concise, yet thorough.
Jumane Redway
Los Angeles, CA

I appreciate new perspectives on life’s purpose – and new approaches to living more thoughtfully and intentionally. In that light, I found Lessons from the Source to be both compelling and affirming.  The messages shared in the book invite me to be more receptive to the many wonderful gifts and possibilities inherent in each day – and, in a more subtle way, present an invitation to open my senses to new (or as yet untapped) sources of inspiration.
Tom Soma
Portland, OR

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Be joyous and rejoice in your good. Share that true, pure joy with everyone you meet. Let it shine through in everything you do today. Be loving and project your love to others. Share it with them and absorb them in it. Be at peace and let go of any resistance to your good. Let go of any tension or apprehension or doubt or fear or uncertainty.

— Lessons from the Source