Like Water Rolling Off a Duck’s Back

First thing every Monday morning I send out a free e-mail called The Truth of You. Each one has three components: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual wisdom I’ve transcribed over the years; one of the hundreds of affirmations I’ve also received through channeling; and a few brief comments from me about the first two. […]


I Am With You Always

  I received and transcribed this beautiful passage on October 26, 2017 and feel moved to share it with you.   Blessed and beloved one, I am with you always, not only as you face the joys and challenges of your physical journey, but throughout the incomprehensible (to you at this moment) concept of eternity. […]


It’s All About Truly Living

  I sat down today and opened a notebook with writings from two years ago, and as soon as I saw this one I felt moved to share it with you here. I trust you will find it as meaningful as I have. _________________________________ It’s all about living – truly living – during your time […]


Roll Away the Stone in Your Consciousness

  I grew up in the Christian tradition, and Easter was always a highlight of the year. While the messages I’ve transcribed almost never refer to specific religious occasions or practices, the passage below came through on Easter Sunday in 2012 and uses the image of rolling away the stone from Jesus’ tomb as a metaphor […]


Like Learning to Swim or Ride a Bike

Since 1978, I’ve transcribed hundreds of thousands of words of wisdom from Source, but have shared only a very small percentage of them. These writings certainly aren’t doing anyone any good sitting in notebooks in my office, so I’m going to begin using this blog to make them more of them available to people who […]


Surrender to the Perfection

Here’s yet another example of my The Truth of You e-mail messages that are sent out first thing every Monday morning. We have subscribers from 28 countries in addition to the United States, and the response has been wonderful. Each message has three components: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual teachings I’ve transcribed; an affirmation that I […]


The Best Is Yet to Come

This is another in the continuing series of posts sharing some of my The Truth of You e-mails that I’ve sent to subscribers in the past. The Truth of You is a free message that goes out first thing every Monday morning and offers an excerpt from my unpublished writings, an affirmation, and a few comments from […]


Rejoice in the Uncertainty

This is the fourth blog post I’ve used to share some previous messages from my Monday morning The Truth of You e-mails with you. The response to the messages has been very gratifying, and if you enjoy what you read and would like to receive these first thing every Monday morning, you can click here […]


Like Going to the Movies

Here’s another of my free Monday morning The Truth of You e-mails. This one was sent on June 8. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you’d like to check out some of the other past messages, you can click here for an archive that lists them all. And it’s also easy for you to subscribe […]


Perfection Is All There Is

What you’ll read below is another of the The Truth of You e-mails that I send to subscribers every Monday morning.  This one was from April 27. There are three components to each message: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual teachings I’ve transcribed; an affirmation that I also received through channeling; and a few […]


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