The Unity of All Creation

Divine Energy Energy is an interesting topic. You relate to energy primarily in a physical sense ― how high your “energy level” is, whether you have enough energy to complete a task, etc. You might also think of energy as something that makes your appliances run or heats your home. True energy, however, is a […]


Your Mind Rules the World

Where Are You Placing the Power? Your mind is where you rule your world. And you can rule it, rather than having it rule you. The issue is where you place your attention and where you ascribe the power. “Ruling” has a connotation in your mind of firm authority or despotism, but it need not […]


The Ripple Effect

The Way We Live Our Lives Affects Others You seldom can understand (nor can anyone on the earth plane) the importance that your interactions with others carry in their lives. We have discussed the unity of all life on earth. If you can accept the truth that the essence of me lies within all things […]


Joy, Peace, and Love

The Equilateral Triangle of Joy, Peace, and Love Joy, peace, and love are the qualities through which you not only express the essence of me to others, but they also are the most effective way for you to attune yourself with me and with your good. The equilateral triangle of joy and peace and love […]


True Beliefs vs. Professed Beliefs

True Beliefs Believing sounds relatively easy, yet it is especially difficult for those on the earlier stages of the path. True believing is something much different from professed believing. You never question or doubt your true beliefs ― not even for a minute. Your professed beliefs are intellectual in nature, which means that you still […]



The Flow of Divine Life Imagine that you lived near a river, yet were far enough away from it that you could not see it, and consequently, it was not always in your thoughts. Even though you were not consciously aware of the river, it continued to flow — silently and peacefully and steadily — […]


Illusions of the Physical World

Physical and Spiritual The physical and spiritual are one. They are not distinct entities, even though at times the physical aspect of your reality seems to be the entire reality. This is the challenge of this adventure: you must exist on the physical level until your time is up, yet living exclusively on the physical […]


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