So Who Wrote This Stuff?

A number of people have written recently in response to passages from Lessons from the Source complimenting me on my writing style or saying how moved they’ve been by my wisdom. Well that says to me that I haven’t done a very good job recently of reminding folks about the actual “Source” of the writings […]


A Previously Unseen Writing for You at the New Year

Yesterday, as I was contemplating the ending of one year and the beginning of another, I remembered a teaching I had transcribed around this time of year sometime in the past. So I looked and found the writing below, which interestingly was dated December 30, 2006. Literally no one else has ever seen it, and […]


A Spiritual Perspective on Thanksgiving from Lessons from the Source

Hello friends, Around Thanksgiving each year, I like to share the passage below from the section on Gratitude in Lessons from the Source.  It was transcribed on Thanksgiving Day, 1995, and I make a point of reading it several times a year.  I enjoy the way it uses the cornucopia as a symbol of our […]


I’ve Got Some Personal Stuff to Share with You.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, and it feels important to let you know about some things that have been happening in my life. There’s a lot to tell, and this is going to take a while, so I hope you’ll hang in here with me. I want to tell you […]


An Explanation of the Book & Where it Came From

In this brief video, Jack Armstrong describes his book, Lessons from the Source, and explains the origins of its spiritual teachings.


What if it All Worked Out Perfectly?

On Page 20 of Lessons from the Source, in the section about illusions, the voice speaking through the writings asks: How would you function in your life if you knew that every situation was going to work out perfectly? That question came to my mind this morning immediately after learning that Lessons from the Source […]


Some Thoughts about Fear and Worry

For most of my life, part of my morning routine has been sitting down with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. There’s something oddly comforting and grounding about being able to actually hold the paper in my hand and peruse it without any rush. Newspapers are in trouble because many people in recent […]


Ain’t Life Grand?

Life is a web of intersecting paths, and by the time you get to my age, there have been plenty of intersections.  Sometimes those paths cross briefly, and sometimes they merge for the rest of the journey. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about some of the folks whose paths have crossed and merged with […]


What Did They Want Me to Do?

I’m guessing I must have been 11 or 12 years old when my Dad wrote this in my autograph book: Many people are watching you to see what you will do with your life. Do not disappoint these people. Do your best in whatever you do. Your best is none too good to fulfill their […]


So What is it Like to Receive These Writings from Source?

In the first post I did on this blog, about a month ago, I promised to tell you about how the writings I’ve been doing over the years have come to me, and that hasn’t happened yet. So let’s try it now. First of all, let me give you some context about my own spiritual […]


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