Letting Go of the Struggle

First thing every Monday morning since last February, I’ve been sending out a free e-mail called The Truth of You. Each one has three components: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual wisdom I’ve transcribed over the years; one of the hundreds of affirmations I’ve also received through channeling; and a few brief comments from […]


Open at Random

Jack opens his newest book, Affirmations of the Soul, at random and reads one of the 31 affirmations he has shared.


Having a Joyous Day is a Conscious Choice

The following is a communication I received this morning: “Let your heart and mind be filled with joy once again. Your spirit, your true self, of course is always filled with joy, for it is the part of your dual identity that is always aware of its unity with me and always expressing my essence. […]


Let Go of the Need to Control or Understand

This excerpt from the writings I only now am beginning to share was transcribed in August of 2010. “You do not need to know the next steps in the journey. You do not need to struggle. You do not need to understand. Your role is simply to allow. ‘But I must take action on the […]


You Are on the Perfect Path

Your response to the excerpts from my unpublished writings that I’ve begun sharing has been very gratifying. I’m delighted to know they’ve been meaningful. Here’s another one that probably will resonate with most of us. “You continue to allow your conscious mind to struggle with trying to understand why life is as it is in […]


I Want to Tell You to Simply Lighten Up

One thing that is becoming very clear as I look back through the 35 years worth of spiritual wisdom I’ve received is how frequently the messages are about letting go. I guess that’s not surprising, because that might just be the one overriding lesson we all need to learn. Here’s another passage that I’m sharing […]


You Have No Need to Understand the How or When or Why

Here’s yet another excerpt from my unpublished writings that I’m guessing will resonate with quite a few of you. It came through in January of 2008, when I was working feverishly on Lessons from the Source, getting it ready for publication. Interestingly, it speaks to me just as loudly today as it did then. Love […]


No Limitations of Any Kind

This is an audio version of a brief excerpt from the 35 years worth of writings that I hadn’t shared with anyone until now. On this one, you can read along as you listen.


You Are in Divine Order

This little paragraph from a lesson I received in 1996 seems to be a good reminder for all of us as we start the holiday weekend. Enjoy! Love and blessings. “You are in divine order. Never lose sight of that reality. Whatever transpires in your life on the physical plane can never alter it. Divine […]


Heir to the World’s Greatest Fortune

Here’s an unpublished excerpt from 1991 with a reminder we all might need to hear from time to time. “How would you conduct yourself in the world if you were the heir to the world’s greatest fortune or knew that you had immediate access to all of the resources and assistance and advice and support […]


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