The Best Is Yet to Come

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The Best Is Yet to Come

The best is yet to come. It is important that you remember this and anticipate it. It will always be true – the good which awaits you is even better than you can imagine. No matter how good your blessings seem to you, greater ones always await you. If you can accept this, your sense of anticipation will always be keen and enthusiastic. You never can truly “arrive” in this physical life, for you always are growing in your understanding of truth, and as your understanding increases, so will your access and receptivity to the infinite blessings of the universe to which you are entitled.

This is why your soul should always be open to new yearnings and new understanding. As you grow in understanding, not only will your desires continue to expand and to be realized, but you will become ever increasingly aware of your unity with me. Your life should never be static. There is always much to learn and do and try. Never stop reaching, for there will always be even greater blessings to reach for. Your life is in divine order, and all is well. Bless you.


I am richly blessed in every moment, and I accept the blessings with peace and gratitude. I do not need to know specifics – what the blessings will be, or how or when they will appear in my life. I simply move forward in the world and in my life with gratitude and joy and eager anticipation. All is well, all is perfect, and I am richly blessed. Thank you, God.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

This one made me think of the Frank Sinatra song of the same name and this particular line in the lyrics: “You think you’ve flown before, but baby you ain’t left the ground.”

What a sense of excitement there is in anticipating new (and even better!) experiences, situations, lessons, people – whatever – coming into our lives, and without having a clue what they might be.

Of course it’s easy for our human minds to focus on the things that seem to have gone wrong in life and that don’t appear to be blessings at all. There’s a sentence in Lessons from the Source that says: “When you can honestly anticipate your good and not be deterred by the illusions of defeat or delay or negativity or confusion or doubt, you will have taken a huge step toward the realization of your unity with me.”

And I believe the awareness, or realization, of our unity with Source and all of its creation is one of (if not the) primary reasons we all set out on this adventure in the physical world. So let’s try to focus some attention this week on feeling joy and gratitude for, and eager anticipation of, the blessings that are on the way.

Much love and many upcoming blessings.


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