Surrender to the Perfection

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Surrender to the Perfection

You have outlined your desires, which are my desires for you, yet rather than living in the consciousness of the truth that they are already realized and waiting eagerly for their manifestation, your human identity has felt the pressure of wanting to make them happen through its efforts and struggles.

Surrender is complete, unwavering trust that your soul being is in control and that every outworking will be perfect, because you are an expression of my perfection. Your human identity has never been in control, in spite of its constant struggle to attain it. Let go of the struggle, for it is false and unnecessary and counter productive.

Surrender to the flow. Completely. In each moment. Make the decision to relinquish any attempt by your egoic mind to attain control, and to trust the flow of perfection.


I surrender to the perfection around me – that which I can see, and that which my human eyes will never behold. I accept it, surrender my worries and doubts and fears to it, my sense of lack and need to control, my need to understand daily happenings. As I surrender to the perfection, I am free to simply be.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

Free to simply be. What more could we ask of life?

A few weeks ago I came across a one-liner from these teachings that I hadn’t seen or remembered for a long time. It said: “The price of happiness is gratitude; the price of freedom is surrender.”

It has always intrigued me how much our language has been affected by military terminology and how casually we use words that relate to war or conflict (fight, battle, combat, etc.)  To literal thinkers who see freedom as a byproduct of military conquest, the idea that surrender is the price of freedom would seem absurd. But so, of course, would the whole idea of perfection.

Even though most of us on the spiritual path believe and espouse the concepts of surrender and perfection, truly accepting them and convincing the human mind to let go of its struggle to achieve perfection on its own is seldom easy.

Maybe a good practice for us this week would be to contemplate and meditate on the possibility of being free to simply be.

Much love and many blessings.



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