Perfection Is All There Is

What you’ll read below is another of the The Truth of You e-mails that I send to subscribers every Monday morning.  This one was from April 27.

There are three components to each message: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual teachings I’ve transcribed; an affirmation that I also received through channeling; and a few comments from me about the first two.

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Perfection Is All There Is

Perfection is all there is. Absorb that concept and feel comfortable with it. You have no need to understand it intellectually. Simply accept it and live it and experience it. You are perfection. Your life is perfection. All that you see and do and think and experience is perfection. No judgments are necessary – and certainly not appropriate.

What are the implications of perfection? In truth it needs no implications, yet the human mind calls out for some way to comprehend the incomprehensible. Perfection allows total peace. It assumes joy. It makes love the only true identity. Perfection simply is. You are. I am. All is one.


I am in divine order, and I am free. All that happens in my life is a demonstration of the perfection of the Kingdom. My mind lets go of any questioning or doubt of that perfection, and I rest in the comfort of God’s care and guidance.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

Perfection has been a consistent theme through all the spiritual teachings I’ve received and transcribed over the years, yet it’s one of the toughest ones for our logical human minds to fully accept.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask me something like: “How can there be perfection in genocide or natural disasters or fatal illnesses?” And there is no logical explanation. Trying to comprehend the incomprehensible might be the ultimate exercise in futility.

For me, there are helpful ideas in the passage above. I’ve gotten to a point of being able to accept the concept of perfection and live my life as if it were so, even though I’ll never understand it. And if God, or Source, is perfection, it makes sense to me that peace and joy and love are expressions of perfection, because I consider them to be the essence of God.

Here’s something we might want to try this week: when we’re aware of our feelings of love or joy or peace – no matter how momentary they might be – let’s try to remember to give thanks for the perfection of the Universe.

Many blessings. Enjoy the journey.


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