Letting Go of the Struggle

First thing every Monday morning since last February, I’ve been sending out a free e-mail called The Truth of You. Each one has three components: a previously unpublished excerpt from the spiritual wisdom I’ve transcribed over the years; one of the hundreds of affirmations I’ve also received through channeling; and a few brief comments from me about the first two.  

I’m going to be posting some of the past messages from The Truth of You here on my blog and eventually will catch up with the process and be able to post the most recent one during the same week the e-mail goes out. The one below was sent out on March 2.

I trust you’ll find these to be helpful and inspirational. If you’d like to sign up for the e-mails so you can start your week off with them every Monday morning, just click here.


Letting Go of the Struggle

Simplicity. Think of and contemplate the simplicity of the plant or insect, of the ocean or the stars. Infinitely complex in function and structure, yet without any struggle. Not only is there no struggle, there is no effort, no need to know or plan or understand. The infinite perfection, incomprehensible – ever! – to the human mind, simply happens. It evolves and unfolds perfectly. No thought, no contemplation, no effort.

You have been given the gift of the egoic nature of the human mind and the struggle it takes on as part of its assumed “responsibility.” But the true gift is the opportunity you have to release it from its struggle. This is the ultimate challenge of the human journey – to release the perceived influence of the human mind’s need to control, and to experience the journey in peace and effortless perfection.

You are one with the perfection of all of my creation – no more, no less.


I am one with the infinite perfection of the Universe, and I am free. There is no struggle, no doubt or despair, no need to control. I let go of the frustrations of my human mind and live in the certainty of God’s perfection.


A Note from Jack Armstrong

This little excerpt certainly rings true for me, and I’m guessing it probably does for you, too. For most of my life I lived that struggle almost every day and, not coincidentally, reminders like this one kept coming through in my writings consistently from the very beginning.

I’ve come to believe, as the message says, that learning to let go of our need to be in control and replacing it with an ability to simply allow our good to unfold probably is the ultimate challenge for us during our earthly journey. And it’s not an easy one to overcome.

A few months ago I felt moved to pull together some of my favorite lessons from Source about this challenge, and I’ve included them in a book called You Don’t Need to Conduct the Orchestra: Lessons on Letting Go, Trusting and Allowing. Folks who’ve read it say they’ve found it to be very helpful. If you’d like to check it out, just click here.

Have fun this week – and see if you can start convincing your human mind to consider letting go of the struggle. Hey, it deserves to have fun, too.

Much love and many blessings.



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