Having a Joyous Day is a Conscious Choice

The following is a communication I received this morning:

“Let your heart and mind be filled with joy once again. Your spirit, your true self, of course is always filled with joy, for it is the part of your dual identity that is always aware of its unity with me and always expressing my essence.

On occasion, your human mind finds ways to allow what it considers to be the woes of the world to be the predominant emotion, and you quickly begin to feel the heaviness around you, and expressions of joy are few and far between. Yesterday was one of those days.

We have talked many times about it being your choice – always – as to whether you wait until your journey’s end to experience the bliss and perfection and blessings of the Kingdom, or whether you decide to let go of all of the illusionary emotion and struggle and turmoil of the physical world and allow yourself to experience them now.

That choice is available to you in every moment, but there is no pressure on you to make it, clearly and definitively. This is a question of free will. If you enjoy the negative emotions and prefer to live with them an a daily basis, they are always available to you – in abundance.

But the choice is a conscious one. You understand and believe the principles of Truth that we have been discussing for so long, but your human mind is a consistent battler, and you must make the decision about which of your true identities – the temporary physical one or the eternal spiritual one – you allow to hold sway over you.

This morning you awoke and made the commitment to yourself (and to me) that, for this day at least, you will choose to express joy and have fun, and it will be your choice in every moment to remember that commitment and live it, or to allow your human mind’s occasional propensity toward the negative to be the dominant emotion.

You have, on countless occasions, bounced back from despair to delight overnight – from one day to the next. To some extent, admittedly, that dramatic reversal is determined by events in your daily life. If positive events occur, your predominant emotions can shift easily, and the reverse is also true.

But it is always a choice available to you. You do not need to allow external events to push or pull your emotions. Your true beingness is always at peace, is always joyous and loving. If you commit yourself to allowing it to be the part of your identity that rules the roost, those external factors will have no impact on how you experience your days and the twists and turns your journey will take along the way. It is always your choice, your decision. For today, you have made a commitment to joy. Congratulations! Have fun! I love you.”

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