Does This Description from Source Fit You?

In my May 5 post, I wrote about the common challenge most of us on the spiritual path keep running into:

In spite of how strong our spiritual beliefs might be, it can be really hard to remember them and put them into practice – and actually live them! – when life intervenes with challenges of its own.

As I mentioned then, I’m going to be sharing with you some of the enormous volume of other spiritual wisdom I’ve been receiving and transcribing for more than 35 years. Yesterday I came across a passage that specifically addresses that common challenge, and I thought you might find it interesting – so this seems like a good place to get started with the sharing.

This particular excerpt was from a very long writing that came through last November after I had asked Source for guidance about how to begin sharing the material and who the most appropriate audience for it would be.

The singular challenge for all incarnated souls is to understand, or remember, their dual identity, both as eternal spiritual beings who are perfect expressions of me and for whom all things are possible – and as physical entities who struggle with the challenges of the earth plane.

The challenges can seem limitless, but they all have at their base the human mind’s (or the ego’s) need and commitment to set its own course, to have its own way.

And that commitment can overshadow, and sometimes obliterate completely, the reality which its true identity lives and understands – that, beyond all the uproar is perfection and divine order, and that by surrendering to that true identity (which is me in perfect expression) and letting go of the struggle, all things are possible.

Those beings who already have acknowledged their own divinity and have a deep desire to realize their unity with me and to overcome the illusionary challenges of the physical environment are, as you would say, on the spiritual path. They understand that the struggles and challenges of the human world are illusionary, yet refusing to give them power can be enormously difficult.

They, like you, are seekers, longing for a deeper understanding of their true reality and for an ability to live peacefully and joyously and lovingly during their journey in the physical world.

You are a shining example of this group. You understand the truth, but you struggle to live it. You have made great progress on the path, but you understand and acknowledge that you still are growing and evolving in your ability to remember and live the truths that I have been exploring with you.

Like you, people on the spiritual path have been looking for the key to the Kingdom for much of their lives. They have turned to books and teachers and practices, all of which have offered interpretations of truth that are valid in their own right.

Some (or many) of these resources and interpretations have offered helpful insights and understandings, but for this grouping of souls they have provided individual pieces in what seems to be the great puzzle of life. But they long to complete more of the picture. They have gotten glimpses of its glory and beauty and perfection, but the picture is not complete in their minds.

I’m very excited about being able to help you add more pieces to the puzzle of life, and I’m certain the perspective you’ll be getting from these previously unpublished writings will begin to do just that.

As I said the other day, I’m eager to open up lines of communication with you as I share these new teachings, and I would appreciate any ideas you might have about how to make that happen. There are people like you and me all around the world for whom this wisdom will be invaluable, and as we keep finding new ways to communicate, it will keep reaching a broader audience.

This is going to be fun!

“The lack of peace in your mindhowever it manifests itselfis an indication that you are giving power to people or conditions in the world around you, rather than relying exclusively on the power that is within you. You create your own unpeacefulness by your reactions to the illusions of pressure or tension or despair that appear around you.”