A Communication from This Morning

While I was on vacation recently, I shared with you a passage that I had received and transcribed the day before, and your response was very gratifying.

This is the first time I’ve ever done this, but the message below came through in the last hour or so, and I’m feeling moved to share it with you right away. I will appreciate your thoughts and reactions.

“All is perfection. You know this, but reminders are always appropriate, and sometimes necessary.

The very essence of perfection is freedom, for if there are now flaws, no imperfections. There is nothing for your human mind to concern itself with, nothing you need to attempt to change or figure out or make happen on your own.

If you can integrate and live the truth of perfection, you are at total peace, for peace and perfection are twins. There is no need for worry or fear or doubt or stress or lack or feelings of inability or inadequacy, for perfection trumps them all, makes them meaningless and unnecessary.

Perfection is the truth of the universe and, consequently, of your life, for you are one with me and all of my creation. If the functioning of the Universe is perfect, as is the evolution of the tiniest blossom, so is your life, this day, your every moment.

Perfection is freedom – from lack, from fear, from doubt or uncertainty, from pressure or stress or confusion.

Your true beingness, the spiritual you who has always been and will always be, lives in and experiences the Kingdom, which is perfection. All you need do is lay down the woes and trials and tribulations that your human mind at times is inclined to focus on, see them as the illusionary experiences of the physical world that you now understand them to be, and walk away from them, allowing your true identity to guide you through the day and the rest of your journey from its perspective of perfection and all-knowingness.

You are free, my child. Enjoy your life. I love you. Go forward into your day experiencing and expressing the joy and peace and love that are your essence, and the essence of the Kingdom.”

© Jack Armstrong 2013

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