Accepting Unlimited Freedom

Many of you know that I have been receiving and transcribing spiritual teachings like those in Lessons from the Source for nearly 35 years, and that I have begun sharing some of the hundreds of thousands of words of unpublished material with you.

The rather lengthy, yet powerful and complex, piece below came through on Easter Sunday last year. I grew up in a Christian tradition, so it was not surprising (to me, at least) that a bit of the symbolism of Easter was included in the writing.

But this is not about Easter. It is about the freedom that is always ours as spiritual beings.


Easter is a celebration of transformation, of leaving behind the pain and torment of the past and arising into the light of unlimited freedom.

That freedom, of course, is always yours, but the stone at the door of your consciousness can keep you from experiencing it. Today the stone is rolled away. Today you remember and experience once again the freedom that is your true identity.

Push the stone away in your mind and see it roll down and down and down the mountain until it not only is no longer visible in your mind, but will never confront you again. It is gone. Forever.

What do you have to lose? What is the downside? Your attempts (for a lifetime) of trying to understand complexities that your human mind will never be able to understand, in any form or manner, and your attempts to figure thing out in a logical way that will allow you to make things happen will always be futile. Always.

You are free, of course, to continue to try, for the wonderful privilege and challenge of free will is one of the inherent aspects of a journey in the physical world. But, as has been the case for a lifetime, those efforts will be futile.

The answers, the strategies, the solutions are already yours. These terms, of course, are framed in a context that your human mind will comprehend, but they are unnecessary terminology. The only term you need to focus on is perfection, for that is all there is.

Accept perfection. Accept it now and surrender to it. Yes, your human mind, as it always has, will fight that truth with all of its perceived power, but as has always been the case, those efforts will be futile.

What if you were to return to me today? Would you feel some sense of “accomplishment” from all of that futility? You know and feel and understand that those efforts have not worked and will not work, for you are attempting to go it on your own with the perception of control, rather than allowing perfection to unfold through simple surrender.

What do you have to lose? Even the concept of losing is part of the illusion of the physical plane. “Winning” or “losing” imply that the human mind’s struggles have “worked” or “failed.” Baloney!

You have no idea how much longer your journey will last – nor does any incarnated soul walking the physical path. You know the truth. You are experiencing it. Allow it to set your human identity free, and give your true spiritual identity free rein to carry you the rest of the way.

It is so simple, so apparent, so perfect. And it can and will be effortless if you only will allow it. But, as always, it is your choice, your free will.

Roll away the blockage from the tomb of your human consciousness and send it on its way to nothingness, for that of course is what it is. Bless you, my child.

Received and Transcribed April 8, 2012

© Jack Armstrong 2013

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