So Where Have You Been?

I’ve been away for awhile. Away from visibility on the internet and from communicating with many of you. It’s been an important hiatus for me, and I want to take a few minutes to tell you about it.

I recently turned 67 years old – two thirds of the way toward being 100! One of the gifts of getting older is that the finite nature of life’s journey really begins to sink in, and I’ve been focusing more than ever before on what’s important to me and how I’d like to spend the rest of my time here.

Most of you know very little about me other than that I’ve published a book and that I share excerpts from it and from other spiritual teachings with you online.

I’m feeling moved to tell you more. We all have stories to tell, but very few people know many of them. Yet I believe it’s important for us to have a chance to share them.

We all are expressions of the Divine, and we’re all on our own journeys in the physical world. Sharing our common humanity brings us closer together and broadens our perspective on life’s adventures.

I went to an outdoor concert the other evening that got me thinking about this. The opening performer, whom I knew nothing about, interacted with the audience and gave us glimpses into his own life experiences. His joy and enthusiasm were contagious, and the audience gave him numerous standing ovations.

Then the main act, the guy we all had come to see, began performing, and he said almost nothing. He and his group simply played one song after another. The music was magnificent, but the joy was missing. There was no connection with him as a human being, and before long folks began folding up their chairs and heading for the exits.

I believe my visibility here online has been more like the second performer than the first, and I’m going to change that.

If you’ve read Lessons from the Source, you know that, for decades, I’ve been receiving and writing down some truly remarkable expressions of spiritual wisdom that have not come from my conscious mind. It’s a form of channeling.

For most of that time, my own fears about what others would think kept me from telling anyone about that phenomenon – let alone sharing the writings with anyone else.

Fortunately I finally was able to let go of those fears and follow the inner urgings I had been feeling (for years!) to begin letting others experience the beauty and simplicity of the teachings.

I’ve been sharing the wisdom with you, but I haven’t been sharing myself.

Now I’m beginning to feel that telling you a bit about my own life – the struggles and challenges and joys and glorious experiences I’ve had – might add some important context to the lessons themselves.

Taking time to focus on my own journey was only part of why I’ve been away. The main reason for my absence was that I’ve been experiencing a wonderful transition from one stage of my life to another.

I was married for 33 years. For most of that time, the relationship was nourishing and mutually supportive. We helped set two beautiful souls onto life’s path, and watching them now as they experience their own journeys as adults is a source of great gratification for both of us.

But life brought changes, and we both eventually agreed that we would be happier and healthier on our own, and the marriage came to a peaceful conclusion.

I lived alone for more than five years, and that solitude and the opportunity if offered for reflecting on life and my own journey helped bring me to a point of being willing to share some of the teachings that had been given to me.

Then a wonderful woman came into my life, and a beautiful relationship began to develop. Joan lived about 200 miles away, so we communicated daily by phone and e-mail, and we traveled back and forth to be together every two or three weeks.

A month ago, she left the life she had been living and moved here, and we’ve been spending most of our time every day merging our two households into one and creating our life together. Being on Facebook or Twitter hasn’t been a priority at all.

Being away and having time to pause and reflect has been a very liberating experience, and I’m eager to share some of my thoughts with you.

This is the first message I’ve posted on my blog in many months, but my hope is to be communicating with you like this every week or so, and I’ll also be looking for other ways to interact with people and talk about our common humanity and the challenges we face.

Please know how very much I appreciate the friendships I’ve developed with so many of you and the messages of support and encouragement you keep sending. I’m sorry I can’t respond to all of them, but they continue to touch me deeply.

Much love and many blessings to each of you. I’m looking forward to being back in touch with you again soon.

6 Responses to “So Where Have You Been?”

  1. Mary W says:

    Waaahooooooo! I’m so happy for you. Coupled is just more fun (and lots of work) than not, at least I’ve found it so. And seems to me that you deserve time to regroup and rest a bit and devote yourself to falling in love and figuring out how that works.

    Your fans will be here, glad to know what’s up but not drifting away I’m sure. xxxxxxxm

  2. Rick Webb says:

    Congratulations on your next life phase as you begin a new joyous life as a ‘we’ together. Your facebook quotes are delightfully inspirational — keep sharing. Life IS Good — Happiness Always

  3. Holly Wood says:

    Congratulations Jack & Joan on finding each other in this huge universe~! Enjoy !

  4. Nannette Rogers Kennedy says:

    I’m so happy for you, Jack! This IS the upside of being a very sensitive empath ~ I feel your joy! And I love the example of the concert and the difference made when stories are added….love and happiness to both you and Joan~


  5. Debra Oakland says:

    Cody and I are very happy for you Jack. You have found a wonderful life partner in Joan. I love that you are sharing more about your life in an open and loving way. Love leads us to do extraordinary things. Blessings to you and Joan for a most beautiful journey together.

  6. Susan Horne says:

    Jack! It’s me Susan from Adelaide South Australia. I am sitting her at home with tears in my eyes. You know I haven’t read much of your blog, but….I have read other people’s comments. I read Wahoooo my eyes jumped to you deserve time to regroup, falling in love and figuring out how the rest works. then the final words your fans will be here. Your a wonderful Bloke! So nice to see your picture and know what you look like now. You know I can’t even remember how I found your website but I’m so glad I did. Oh sniffling now, golly gosh. I feel like I’m home. Your smiling face is saying to me I know you Susan, I know your heart, even though we’ve never met. I asked the Universe jus tthis morning for help and here you are. It’s 6.30pm here Thursday evening, 6th October. I hope you are having a rainbow filled day, oh tears again. Good ones though. Here’s to happy blabbing with you.

    Look for me in the nights sky :)

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