A Stunning Example of Inner Dictation

I’ve got something I want to share with you. It’s kind of long, but I think you’ll find it interesting.

Most of you know that, for more than 30 years, I’ve been receiving and transcribing spiritual lessons through a form of channeling called Inner Dictation; and that’s where the writings in Lessons from the Source came from.

That phenomenon is one that I probably will never be able to comprehend completely, but I’m totally fascinated by it and in awe of it, and I want to share an example of it that I pulled out and read again this morning, and that still blows me away.

Inner dictation is like taking dictation from thoughts, and it often comes so fast that I’m hard pressed to keep up with it, and I certainly don’t have time to think about what I’m writing. But the end product is basically in final form and needs little or no editing.

The passage below was written on June 8, 2008. You won’t find it particularly enlightening as far as spiritual teachings, but it’s a beautiful example of how guidance can come, seemingly from nowhere, onto a pad of paper and be precisely to the point, in clear language, using an easy-to-understand analogy.

In June of 2008, the book hadn’t been published yet, and I had been seeking guidance about what my role should be in letting the world know about it. I was walking in a garden area and happened to notice that the walkway was made of old bricks laid out in a very straightforward pattern. I immediately sat down and started writing as fast as I could, and this came out without allowing me to pause at all.

“You were noticing the simplicity of the pattern of the bricks in the walkway. Simple in concept, yet lovingly executed and of service to residents and visitors for decades. The composition of the bricks themselves is of course a mixture of components that the human mind could see and understand in isolation, yet someone’s receptivity to guidance and creativity led to the specific combination of the components to produce a material that could be formed and hardened into bricks. Simple, basic elements, combined and presented in a specific way that results in a new form of physical reality that becomes utilitarian for humans at whatever level of consciousness.

Now let us think about the utilization of bricks themselves. They are a simple, measurable, easy-to-use component that can become part of structures as elemental as a walkway, with the simplest of designs – or even a vertical pile assembled carefully by a child – to a bridge or house or cathedral. All the same basic elements, combined in a way that the human consciousness perceived and implemented millennia ago, yet applicable to an infinite variety of uses by individuals at all levels of consciousness.

Can you see and understand the parallels with our work? The concepts and teachings that have been communicated to you, some of which you still are striving to implement consistently in your own consciousness, are comprised of essential truths that are central to the identity of each human being, whether they may be aware of it or not, and have been combined into a form that others can use as their own consciousness moves them to do so.

As you have understood and spoken so often, there is only one truth, but it can be (and is) seen and interpreted in an infinite variety of ways by religions, teachers, and individual seekers on the path. You have been given bricks – a simple, yet specifically unique, combination of basic elements of that one truth – that can be used by others according to their own needs and level of understanding.

Just as you have never used bricks in any way more complex than putting them into a pile, while others use them in a way that will give themselves comfort or meet the needs of others, for some individuals these lessons may be of no interest at all, but for others they can be the building blocks for magnificence.

Other interpretations of Truth as presented elsewhere, however, can prove to exactly meet the needs of others for whom bricks might hold no interest at all. Do not endeavor to become an evangelist for bricks. Simply make them available to the world, and those who need them, and for whom they will be helpful building blocks to their own understanding, will find them and use them in their own way. Who those individuals are, or how they will use the teachings, are not your concern. Your responsibility now is to make them available in the world, and I will see to it that those who need them will find them.

The brick-maker does not concern himself with who will acquire his work or how they will use it. His or her role is to combine the elements in a way that will provide a high quality product that others will find useful, and then to find ways to announce to the world that the bricks are available. This comparison is very appropriate to your situation at this point in your life. The bricks are made, and they are magnificent. Their quality will become apparent to those who will use them, and they will tell others about it. Your responsibility at this specific point in you journey is to begin to spread the word – to let others know about their availability.

The manufacturers of high quality bricks do not wave banners or use flashing lights or engage in massive advertising campaigns. They begin to let the right people know about them, and the quality will speak for itself.

By the same token, they do not attempt to tell the users of the bricks how to use them. They do not pretend to be architects or construction workers attempting to impose or recommend their own ideas about the implementation of the bricks in specific projects. They are humble servants (who of course are concerned with generating a sufficient income to allow themselves to live comfortably) who are more than happy to discuss the quality of the bricks and how they were produced – and even to share examples of how they or others were able to use them – but who are able to release them comfortably and effortlessly to those who will find their own ways to use them.”

© Jack Armstrong 2011

3 Responses to “A Stunning Example of Inner Dictation”

  1. Stacy Kamala Waltman says:

    Dear Jack,

    This is so delightful to read and right on! I particularly love this part of the message: “Do not endeavor to become an evangelist for bricks!” Ha! Too fun and so perfectly articulated.

    May your message continue to gain momentum, Jack. I am honored to have you as a friend.

    With love,

  2. michelle says:

    Thank you. Very enlightening :)

  3. Rhonda says:

    Simply yet profoundly and beautifully stated. Thanks for sharing it.

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