So What is it Like to Receive These Writings from Source?

In the first post I did on this blog, about a month ago, I promised to tell you about how the writings I’ve been doing over the years have come to me, and that hasn’t happened yet. So let’s try it now.

First of all, let me give you some context about my own spiritual life. I’ve been your basic garden variety spiritual seeker for much of my life. I was raised in a Protestant denomination, but have not been involved in any organized religion since leaving home for college almost 50 years ago.

I’ve dipped my toes into lots of different spiritual ponds over the years ― Unity, Unitarianism, Spiritualism, Religious Science, the Agape International Spiritual Center, and other non-denominational New Thought churches ― and have come to understand spiritual principles intellectually, while facing the ongoing challenge of trying to actually live them and put them into practice in my own life.

Before I made the commitment a few years ago to share some of my writings in Lessons from the Source, my only frame of reference for channeling was having seen a few spiritualist mediums delivering messages while speaking in a trance. I simply hadn’t explored in the right places to give me a larger context than that.

So when I started writing down concepts that were coming from a series of thoughts in my mind, I truly had no idea what was going on. Because they came so rapidly and were essentially in final form without needing editing, it was clear to this writing perfectionist that something bigger than my conscious mind was at play.

It was liberating and validating for me, after I had started working on the book, to find the definition of a form of channeling (and that’s a term I had been very reluctant to use) called Inner Dictation that described exactly what I had been experiencing.

People frequently ask me if I go into a meditative or trance-like state before doing the writing, and the answer is no. I will have an inner knowing that I’m supposed to start writing, and that might mean either that I need to drop everything and begin writing immediately or go to an outdoor location where the writing seems to flow most easily.

Here’s what happens. I do not hear a voice or any other sound. Thoughts will start coming to me in complete sentences, almost as if someone is speaking to me, and I’m taking dictation for them (hence the term Inner Dictation). I write everything out longhand and have never tried doing this at a computer.

Often the first sentence or two will seem wacky, and my human mind’s reaction is that I must be making this up. So I consciously need to get myself out of the way and simply allow the words to flow and accept them without question.

Even when what I’m getting does not seem unusual, I never have any idea where it’s going or what the subject matter will be. In fact, this all happens so quickly that I often can’t even remember what I’ve already written down.

Periodically during a typical “session” (for lack of a better word), the flow of words will stop for a little while, so I’ll pause or take a quick break, but it inevitably picks up again right where it left off without my needing to think about it at all. And then it’s always clear when the session is about to end. In fact, that often is alluded to directly in what is being written.

There’s almost a physical sensation when I’m simply allowing the words to flow without getting my conscious mind involved (I can’t describe it any more clearly than that), and I’ve often had the feeling that this is what it must be like to be completely in the flow of our goodness and to be allowing it to manifest without our needing to understand why or how.

You might have heard or seen me say that A Course in Miracles is another work that was received through Inner Dictation (as were Conversations with God and a host of other writings over the centuries). You might find it interesting to check out the page on the ACIM website where you can hear an audio recording of Helen Schucman describing the process she experienced. It was humbling for me to hear it, because I could have used almost exactly the same words – and her description might be more helpful to you than mine.

As I mentioned in the previous post, many people have been telling me about similar experiences they’ve been having, and that has led me to wonder how many other remarkable writings might be out there that the world has yet to have had an opportunity to experience.

My hope is that this description of what happens to me might ring a bell with some of you, and that you will feel more empowered to begin sharing your writings with others.

2 Responses to “So What is it Like to Receive These Writings from Source?”

  1. Dee Finney says:

    Hello Jack. The type of channeling you are describing is called Relay channeling.

    It’s the same as I do on occasion when the spirit decides something important needs to be said.

    Thanks for your explanation.
    Appreciate your dedication to the work.

  2. Ronnie Williams says:


    What you experienced is in all of us. The difference is that you took action, while some do not. If I am silent enough, I can hear a message come to me. It may require that I take action ASAP, or it is a message of telling me what to look for in the near future. Or the message is telling me to silent my mind to allow a message to come through. There are times that my mind is so noisy due to thinking about business or others or myself, which keeps me from hearing messages trying to come through. Now, thanks to you, I will get back on the path of making my mind silent and peaceful to allow more messages sent to me to hear and follow…….Ronnie

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