The Source Didn’t Offer Any Lessons About Blogging

To be honest with you, I never expected to be writing a blog.  But, of course I never expected to publish a book, either ― and look what happened!  Isn’t it a joy how life keeps offering us so many surprises?

My life’s journey has been a wonderful adventure, and I’ve been richly blessed by people, experiences and opportunities I never would have imagined.  Then, a few years ago, my adventure took off in an entirely new direction.

I have no idea why I was the person chosen to receive the teachings in Lessons from the Source.  In fact, for many years I had no frame of reference for channeling, and consequently no idea what was happening to me, and I was afraid to let anyone outside of my family know anything about it.

But the same voice that speaks to us through the teachings in the book had made it clear for a very long time that these lessons were not intended strictly for my own personal use.  There was no doubt that I was supposed to share them with others who would find them helpful ― but I resisted fiercely.

My decision finally to “come out of the closet” and admit to the world that I had been writing lessons about spirituality that came from somewhere other than my own conscious mind changed all the ground rules and made my life even more fun and exciting ― and unpredictable! ― than ever.

We’ll talk later about what the experience of receiving that information is like (and it’s important that you know about it), but for now I want to let you know about the part of my journey that brought me kicking and screaming into the world of blogging.

I’ve been a student on the spiritual path for most of my life, and I understand and can explain to people pretty well the spiritual teachings presented in the book.  But I still struggle with them and am a long way from mastering them, and I wasn’t willing to present myself as some sort of spiritual guru ― because I certainly am not one.

So three years ago, when I finally was able to surrender to the Universe’s persistent nudging and agree to share the writings, I decided it would be best to keep myself out of the picture and simply allow the book to speak for itself.

But I’ve found out that book marketing doesn’t work that way.

Deciding in my mid-60s to take on an entirely new venture that I knew next to nothing about offered a unique set of challenges ― especially when I was doing it with little or no budget.  So I’ve been learning by the seat of my pants.

Until last spring, I had never paid much attention to social media and had almost no interest in things like Facebook or Twitter.  In fact, the whole thing seemed like a pretty silly exercise.  But folks kept encouraging me to get involved because it would offer an inexpensive way to get the word out about the book and potentially could reach millions of people.

So, in spite of a generational/technology gap that means it takes me quite a while to master what for most of you are fairly intuitive steps, I took the leap of faith, and the experience has been more fun and energizing than I ever expected.

But the real blessing has been the remarkable community of people I’ve met online.  Your friendship, love, support and encouragement mean more than I will ever be able tell you.

Well, I assumed that, once I was got involved, it would be easy to develop interest in the book just by sharing some quotes and excerpts (again, keeping a low profile for myself and allowing the book to speak for itself) ― and then waiting for the masses to inundate Amazon with demand for it.

But that didn’t happen.

Your response to the snippets you’ve read from the book has been very gratifying.  But it became clear that the quotes alone were not sufficient to motivate many people to get a copy of the book for themselves ― and I began asking why.

The answer I got most frequently was: “People want to know more about you.  You may not be a guru with the answers to all of their questions, but you’re the guy the Universe chose to give the lessons to, and they want to feel like they know who you are and what makes you tick.  Like it or not, you are the personification of the book.”

It’s taken a while, but I’ve gotten to the point of understanding and accepting that and being ready to take on a more visible role.  Many of you have told me how powerful and important the book has been for you and how profoundly it has touched your lives, and I’m going to do whatever I can ― for as long as I can ― to help get the word out about it to as many other folks as possible who also might benefit from it.

So that’s the long story of why I finally decided to start a blog.  It seems to me that, if you really do want to know me better, this is one way I can help make that happen.  I’ll share my experiences, joys, doubts and observations with you, offer my thoughts on certain topics (while making it clear that they are only my opinion – not some message delivered directly from the Source), and probably will let you read some of the voluminous pages of other writings that have come through me over the years that didn’t make it into the book.

Well, you’ve just read my first blog post, and it feels good to have it done.  I’m hoping the rest won’t be anywhere near this long.  Many blessings.

© Jack Armstrong 2010

2 Responses to “The Source Didn’t Offer Any Lessons About Blogging”

  1. Linda says:

    “People want to know more about you. … and they want to feel like they know who you are and what makes you tick. Like it or not, you are the personification of the book.”

    Hmmmm… I recall saying something along the lines of those very words when we first sat down to discuss “this book” of yours. :-)

    Am I a wise woman? Perhaps. But dang, you have a blog and I don’t. I’m impressed!

    Much love,

  2. Kerstin Lindley-Jones says:

    HI Jack. Congratulations to getting this far. I know what you mean. I started a blog last year – – and still find it quite a challenge every time I’ve posted something to then let people know that they can go and read another entry of what I’ve written. I wish you good luck with this blog (and facebook, which I thoroughly enjoy) and look forward to reading more as you continue.

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