My Grandson, Easy, is my Role Model

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty grumpy, thinking about how tired and overworked and pressured I felt.  (Of course, when you work alone, there’s only one person to blame for all of that.)

My morning devotionals helped bring a feeling of greater peace, but I certainly wasn’t feeling or expressing much joy.  I had coffee with a friend who allowed me to vent my feelings, and that helped, too.

But it was my grandson, Easy, who brought me completely back to center.

I have a regular three-hour weekly time when he and I are together, and as usually is the case with a 20-month-old, he sets the tone ― and the agenda ― for our time together.

We all have experienced, and many have written about, young children being a source of pure joy and awe and wonder and enthusiasm and excitement about life, because they haven’t been here long enough to buy into the illusions of the world.  That certainly is the case with Easy.

We spent long stretches of time doing the same things over and over again without the level of joy and enthusiasm ever diminishing.  We picked up fistfuls of dirt, put them into a container, took them over to a little wading pond, and dumped them out.  Then back for more dirt.

We sat on a sidewalk for at least half an hour watching a teenager shooting hoops from the street into a portable basketball hoop, with Easy announcing with each shot, “He made it,” or “He missed,” or “Almost.”  Several times grandpa suggested continuing our walk, but Easy stoically stayed put, saying “Watch basketball.”

Then, after spending time wandering along and experiencing the intricacies of dandelions and stones and pinecones, we ended up in front of a neighbor’s house, where he and I sat with a group of young mothers and their kids blowing bubbles.

Again, his joy and enthusiasm, fascination and persistence, were magical.  There could never be enough bubbles, and he would run after them until the last one had popped.

By the time we needed to go back to his house, I was feeling almost as joyous as he was, and then I realized that none of the stuff that had seemed so overwhelming to me that morning had even entered my mind, and that I had spent those hours allowing myself to simply be.

I’ve often said (as have many others, I’m sure), that little kids are still feeling the essence of wherever it is we all came from.  If, in fact, that essence is pure joy and excitement and freedom from self-imposed stress, we all have a lot to look forward to. 

And a little child shall lead them.

© Jack Armstrong 2010

3 Responses to “My Grandson, Easy, is my Role Model”

  1. Linn A. Moffett says:


  2. Joanne Allgoewer says:

    Such blessings…for you to have that little guy in your life, to help show the way & for him to have a Grandpa who’ll let him. <3<3

  3. Wal Achmueller says:

    Dear Jack, really enjoyed this blog. I can so relate to your story. I am a grandmother of a 3 year old and a 4 month old; they are the ones that have that same calming and joy producing effect on me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…Ciao love Wal

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