How Many Others are Out There?

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises for me after publishing Lessons from the Source was the number of people who began contacting me to thank me for “coming out of the closet” and going public about the fact that I had been doing this kind of spiritual writing for so many years. 

As many of you know, I began more than 30 years ago receiving and writing down some phenomenal spiritual wisdom that clearly was coming from somewhere other than my own conscious mind.  It’s the kind of stuff I couldn’t make up, and it comes through essentially in final form, which has never happened when I’m writing for myself. 

I had no idea what was happening, or why it was happening to me, and I didn’t tell anyone else about it, because I was afraid they would think I had lost it completely.

The one-sentence version of the rest of the story is that I finally followed the strong inner urgings I had been receiving almost since the beginning and put some of the writings into a book called Lessons from the Source.

Deciding to do that was a very liberating experience.  I no longer had to hide my secret, and while some friends probably did think I had gone off the deep end, most of them have been extraordinarily supportive and encouraging.  And the response to the book has been phenomenal.

Well, it turns out there are lots of other folks who have been having similar experiences, and many of them had been holding onto that same kind of fear and apprehension I had experienced.  And, somehow, my own liberation from those fears seems to have encouraged some of them to step forward, as well. 

One after another, people have written and told me their own personal stories and described their experiences, some of which were very much like mine, while others were quite different.  And interestingly, but not surprisingly I guess, the tone of many of the writings they have shared with me is similar to the ones I’ve received.

That got me to thinking and wondering how many other people out there have been receiving wisdom in a similar way without telling anyone or sharing it with the world.  How many other potential spiritual books are waiting to be published?

Then recently I found out about a new competition, organized by James Twyman and Robert Evans, called The Next Top Spiritual Author.  They’ve convinced Hampton Roads Publishing to give a $50,000 publishing contract to the winner, and more than 2,500 people from around the world (including me!) are participating.

That this competition is happening is very encouraging.  While the range of topics is broad, I have to believe that some of those authors are folks like me who have decided to step out of their fear and share the gifts they’ve been given.  Many thanks to Robert and Jimmy for making this possible.

(If you’re interested in finding out more about Lessons from the Source (and hopefully casting a vote for it in the competition), just click on this link:

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