Your Mind Rules the World

Where Are You Placing the Power?

Your mind is where you rule your world. And you can rule it, rather than having it rule you. The issue is where you place your attention and where you ascribe the power.

“Ruling” has a connotation in your mind of firm authority or despotism, but it need not be so. Think of the item in your desk drawer that you call a “ruler.” Its job is to measure situations and make sure that things are straight. You can do the same thing with your mind with regard to any situation that confronts you.

When you use a ruler, it is very simple. There are “rules” that everyone understands regarding how to use it, and there is no room for argument about a measurement or the straightness of a line that results from its use. The same is true with your mind if you understand the “rules.”

The Ruler ― or the Mind?

The problems you encounter arise when you do not give your mind the same authority to rule your life that you give the ruler in the drawer. With your mind (which is your direct link to me), you tend to question its ability or authority in a given situation.

If a ruler measures a line, confirms that it is straight, and states that it is ten inches long, there is no room for discussion.

If your mind desires to achieve a certain goal, however, you almost immediately experience conflict over how appropriate or achievable that goal is.

A ruler is an inanimate object made by man. Its function is based on universal law, but it has no direct power from me or from anywhere. Yet you are more than willing to give it power and authority to “rule” on certain issues.

If you are willing to do this with a piece of wood or plastic, how much more should you be willing to do so with your mind, which is your link to me.

Trusting the Power of Your Mind

The issue here, of course, is trust. Because the ruler is accepted on the earth plane as a reliable instrument, it is not questioned, and virtually everyone trusts it.

The mind of man has not been given that same level of trust by humanity, and you consequently have bought into this common perception on the earth plane that the mind is not a reliable instrument on which to stake your life and your dreams.

Your mind is your ruler. Through it, you can set the rules for your life.

You must know and believe with all of your being that it is even more reliable and trustworthy for the achievement of your goals and the manifestation of your good than the wooden ruler in the drawer is for serving its purpose.

Trust and Faith

Your belief is the key.  Trust and faith are essential. You must let go of the limiting thoughts that have restrained you.

Rise up and claim your good.

Know that your mind rules your world in the way that you authorize it to. If you give it full trust and authority to bring that good into your life, and then if you act on that faith, your life will be full of the richness and blessings that you have claimed and accepted.

If you assign limitations to your mind through your limited beliefs, your struggle will continue. It is your choice.

It is my desire that you rule your world from a perspective of your unity with me. For when you do so, my will is done and my goodness is made manifest in your life.

“It is far easier to accept the negative condition or state of mind as just the way it is than it is to reject it and accept your good. When you have become successful at doing so on a regular basis, it will strike you as one of the great ironies that you were more comfortable with negativity than with goodness. But you will see that it is because the acceptance of negativity is much easier and requires far less effort on the part of your conscious mind than does the conscious decision to accept only your good.”