The Flow of Divine Life

Imagine that you lived near a river, yet were far enough away from it that you could not see it, and consequently, it was not always in your thoughts.

Even though you were not consciously aware of the river, it continued to flow — silently and peacefully and steadily — bringing untold quantities of water (in fact, a never-ending supply) and carrying with it those who made the decision to put their crafts into it and trusted it to carry them to their destinations.

It is exactly the same, of course, with the flow of divine life. The analogy is nearly precise, with one exception: in the case of the divine flow, it is always in you, and you are always in it. You are never physically removed from it, as you were from the river.

The Illusion of Separation

The separation that you experience is one of consciousness. You make the decision in your conscious mind whether to “put yourself” into the flow, which means to attune your consciousness with it, to make the commitment to trust it, and to let it carry you to the fulfillment of the divine plan for your life.

What does all of this mean for you? It means that you are in control of your own destiny.

You can choose to trust what you cannot see, but which you know instinctively is there, and allow the good that is yours to unfold naturally and peacefully and with perfect timing; or you can attempt to manufacture your good on your own through your own devices, relying on the thoughts of your conscious mind and the actions of others.

Once again, the choice seems so obvious, yet making it is so difficult.

One with the Flow

You can use the image in your mind of any type of flow that appeals to you and is comfortable to you. When you have it, place your being in the midst of the flow and become one with it. Do not see yourself as a cork floating on top of the water, bobbing up and down and being carried to points unknown by the current. Rather, see and feel the essence of your being as one with the essence of the water in the flow.

The water represents the stream of blessings that is always flowing to you and through you and with you.

The source of those blessings is God, the source of all good. Just as you are an expression of me, so is the stream of blessings an expression of me. And just as you are one with all aspects of my creation, you and the good that is yours are one.

So you become a part of the good — part of the flow. You cannot be separated from it, like the cork bobbing on top of the water.

Your reality and the reality of the flow are one. There is no beginning or ending to the flow — just as there are no boundaries to the goodness in the universe. Putting your being into the flow is a form of affirmation, and it has the same positive effect.

“It is far easier to accept the negative condition or state of mind as just the way it is than it is to reject it and accept your good. When you have become successful at doing so on a regular basis, it will strike you as one of the great ironies that you were more comfortable with negativity than with goodness. But you will see that it is because the acceptance of negativity is much easier and requires far less effort on the part of your conscious mind than does the conscious decision to accept only your good.”